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HELPIC Soforthilfe Fluid - 5ml
5.90 EUR
Helps immediately! AFTER insect bites or stings

Due to various environmental influences, bothersome blood suckers have become not only resistant to many products. Oftentimes many of the precautionary measures are no longer enough against insect bites or stings. HELPIC® Classic AFTER the Bite products work well to help alleviate the pain and itching as quickly as possible.

• Helpic® Classic Fluid is a purely natural product developed and manufactured in Austria. Helpic Classic has been proven to help with insect bites from mosquitoes, horse flies, wasps, bees, and various gnats, ticks, flees and more.

• Helpic® Classic Fluid brings immediate relief from itching, prevents swelling and reddening of the skin, disinfects the puncture wound, and therefore virtually eliminates any possible skin infections.

• Helpic® Classic Fluid has been approved as a natural cosmetic product and can therefore be used as often as necessary without any worry. • Helpic® Classic Fluid has virtually no expiration date and is especially suitable for the use on children, due to its extremely fast response time (if applied promptly).

• Helpic® Classic Fluid is available in handy 5ml bottles and is sufficient for about 80 applications.

Use: Apply two drops of fluid on to the bite wound IMMEDIATELY after the bite or sting. Do not rub, but simply let it work in for 1 to 2 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

The center for Therapy Control in Vienna, Austria certifies that the relief from the effects of insect bites or stings is 270 times faster (example: wasp stings without the use of Helpic® may hurt for about 5 ½ hours, while with Helpic® it takes only about 1 to 2 minutes).

Clinically tested and dermatologically certified

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